For those of you who have been thinking about a reverse mortgage for extra money, NOW is the time to do it !  The FHA has extended the time limit for the Lump Sum distribution Fixed Rate reverse mortgage, until Feb. 28, 2013.  This means an extra 25% – 30% more money to you, if you start your reverse mortgage NOW, instead of waiting until March 1st. 
All you have to do now, is complete your FHA required reverse mortgage counseling on the phone, start your application with Sunny and she will take care of the rest.  Once the Congress and the FHA eliminate the Lump Sum distribution Fixed Rate loan, your only choice will be the Adjustable Rate loan that lowers the amount of money you can receive by approximately 25% – 30%.
So call Sunny NOW !  972. 784. 8400 and she will help you get started.
IMPORTANT: Lump Sum Fixed Rates ending soon!
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